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This should be the end of Zach Wilson.


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16 minutes ago, Corn said:

Seems to come with a lot of bad luck also goes down easy never had an offensive line .screwed him starting him early. Never had an offensive coordinator

Oh, **** that.  This kid got treated like a ******* Wagyu Cow compared to Sam Darnold just being thrown into a Cargill industrial slaughterhouse.

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19 minutes ago, k-met57 said:

I've been a Wilson defender, but this is the end of the road. Nice kid, had to eat a lot of sh*t,  no doubt he wanted to win....but some people are built to be NFL QB's and others aren't.

A lot of people got seduced by the flashy plays, substance wasn't there.

Same here, I’ve defended him.  Gotten seduced here and there by the rare flash play that showcases the arm talent and the reason he was drafted, but it’s beyond obvious at this point that the game at the pro level is way to fast for him.

Look that entire draft in his year was pretty much a sh*t show.  I don’t think Lawrence is “generational” either although he is “much the best” out of that year.

The 9ers wanted to dump their vault on the Jets to trade up for Wilson and wound up mistakingly trading 3 #1’s for Lance, another Total Bust.

The thing with the 9ers is that they are a first class organization and know when to cut their losses.  The Jets to their credit tried, trading for Rodgers, but this should be the end of Wilson’s Jet career…..Today.

QB at the highest level is the toughest position to play in any sport so not surprisingly it has the highest bust percentage.

Back to the drawing board.  Start drafting QBs Every year.

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