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Bringing the Jets water up to a Boyle!


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Boyle looked terrible, too. He looks a little more comfortable back there than ZW but his passes are as bad. No good QB options available and the OC is as bad as the QBs. 

Unless Rodgers comes back on Friday, this season is toast. Doesn't really matter who is behind center. I worry that next year Rodgers won't be able to do enough to overcome Hackett, these receivers and inevitably a broken OL. 

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6 minutes ago, gdfodder said:

I long for the day we go balls d@ep. 

I long for the day when we throw a pass past the 1st down marker.  Longer for throwing the ball into the end zone is too much to ask for at this point….so I won’t.

Can the idiot Hackett remind Zach or Any QB to just throw the ball up on a 2 point conversion and Not take the Sack?  That wasn’t a fluke today, because Wilson took a sack on 4th and 10 vs the Giants.  It’s like some of these guys look like it’s their FIRST TIME playing football when they come to the Jets.

The coaches on Offense are THAT bad.

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2 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

Assuming Boyle looks OK the rest of the way today (not great, but not bad) the Jets need to either start him immediately next week or have an incredibly quick hook on Zack next week (like two drives).

Zach should have been cut 1.5 years ago. Who are we kidding here…… let Boyle have his shot. I’d rather sh*t the bed with him than watch another snap of zw

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