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NY Post article on a lawsuit that alleges abuse at Joe Namath's football camp many years ago


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I think the fact that nobody seemed to care the dude had this kid sleeping in his room for 3 years and not paying while he was in junior high and getting lots of attention from the bigwigs in camp, which would now be a huge red flag, was just ignored by everyone.  Other than the kids who were like, "WTF? Why do you get all this attention?" and the kid had to pretend he wasn't getting raped by a fat POS for years...

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31 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

Zach literally falling on his ass on the field during a Nationally Televised game thread gets locked, but salacious tabloid crap calling Joe ******* Namath a Pedo is cool? 


What the actual ****, @Maxman

How many times do you want me to answer the same thing?

Multiple people have started the thread. We are not saying this is legitimate but there is an actual lawsuit so it is a Jets related story for better or worse.

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