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The Jets Serenity Prayer


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We need the serenity to accept the things we can’t change, the courage the change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

  • Hackett is not a good OC.  Lazard and Cobb are not good WRs.  But they are better with AR8.  They will be back next season with AR8.
  • JD blew the Becton and Wilson picks but hit home runs on others.  So the idea was to capitalize on that, give them another chance, and go with Rodgers.  Woody was behind Rodgers.  You can tell from the ad campaign and ticket prices.   This is a 2-3 year plan.
  • By firing Saleh and JD, all that does is interrupt the AR8 plan and cost Woody money in contract severance.  
  • Wilson was paid for this year and next year.  They thought they could show him off and maybe get something for him in a trade.  The 49ers were smarter keeping Lance in a closet and getting a pick for him, plus the Cowboys assuming his salary.  
  • So we must accept this mess for the rest of the season, and the higher pick it gets us.  
  • We can force some change by stop watching the games and going to them, and stop paying Woody for parking, food and beer.  
  • Woody needs to let JD go after the season.  He had made too many bad personnel decisions.  His successor’s job is to help AR8 be competitive in 2024-25, and then build for the future.   They need to decide as an organization whether there is a QB worth picking in the draft next season.  I don’t think they do.
  • The fans have had enough of Zach Wilson.  They should let him go and find another backup, even if Siemian, who has more TD passes than Wilson in the same number of games.   Boyle can be QB3.   Rodgers can restructure to pay for another backup.
  • Don’t spend the money on Becton-let him go.  Draft an OT. 
  • There is no sense getting worked up about how bad the Jets are.  We should embrace the stink.  It’s all about next season.  Saleh and Hackett go when Rodgers go.  Hopefully Ulbrich will stay. 
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