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Mekhi Becton Trying to Play Friday; NY Jets Injury Update


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Mekhi Becton

Here is the full NY Jets Injury update (report below). Robert Saleh gave these updates to the media on Tuesday. Mekhi Becton is trying to get back on the field for the Black Friday game against the Miami Dolphins.

Mekhi Becton

I know what the report said earlier, he’s trying to go for Friday, so he’s working through it, he’s taped up, he’ll be a part of practice today despite those reports. It’s a walkthrough again today, so we’re still working through who will be available for Friday.

Duane Brown

Duane, again, we still have until Thursday. We’re just working through it, trying to see where he’s at. Again, it’s a walkthrough, so I think well have a really good idea on Wednesday.

Yeah, no, practice is different than a game, obviously. He’s got to get the mental connection, he’s still not fully comfortable obviously, and we just have to find the best way to simulate a game for him. I know we have full speed practices, but those aren’t even close to what it’s like in a game, so we’re just trying to do our best to put him through a very game like situation for him, and we’ll give it another run and see where he is.

Billy Turner and Xavier Newman

Yeah, (Xavier) Newman and Billy (Turner) are trending in the right direction.

Michael Carter II

We’ll see. We’ll get him in practice tomorrow, give him a chance to go full speed, but I’m not sure on that one yet.

NY Jets Injury Report


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