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Hackett and the coat tails of Rodgers

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I was thinking in another post what other teams were owned by trust fund babies....and the name that came immediately to mind was the Broncos.

And they were the other team to hire Hackett, I think with the same silly goal-sign Aaron Rodgers.  I least they were looking at a prior MVP year.  

So they basically terminated a contract 3-4 years early, with a substantial payment I presume, to fire Hackett and hire Payton, who was so horrified with what he saw that he basically violated the unwritten rule of NFL conduct.  

And then the Jets went off and hired him...at least they got Rodgers.  But rather than limit their losses to one year, and spread the hit over three years (23, 24 and 25), JD "got a deal" and basically signed onto the AR8 program for at least two years.

So....we can complain all we want about Hackett, and justifiably so.  But it does not matter-we own Hackett and Rodgers at least through 2024.  If I had to guess, the Jets burn it down after that.  

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