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The man of a thousand slogans


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2 hours ago, neckdemon said:

honestly the defense is decent....but it isn't some great defense

Defense is actually legit. You have to consider how the offense can’t convert a 3rd down and can’t win the field possession battle. D constantly faces short field possession. Also, the D is asked to score for the offense as well. And they do. They do this all game long while offense can’t hold on to the ball long enough for the D to eat a snack. So they snack on other offenses until they get bogged down and tire down late in games. Top 3 D imo. With a decent offense, this D would put up even better numbers. 

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Meanwhile, everyone in here acts like the GM has nothing to do with anything …we’re a loaded Juggernaut everywhere on the roster to rival the late 80’s and early 90’s 49er & Cowboy teams but for the Head Coach…..who was obviously forced on JD by Woody!!!(ditto at QB)

doing rebuilds the right way I seem to remember we were all sold 5 years ago, how exactly is that going ?

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6 hours ago, Maxman said:

Hard to have a great defense when the offense goes a month in between scoring drives.

Yeah, I'd imagine knowing the game is over if you give up two FGs makes it tough to stay motivated.

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10 hours ago, WowOhWow said:

My lasting memory of Bobby Salad will be that he has a million slogans.  Always a great quip, uses great words like tape, violence, recovery, strain…all scientific and stuff.  But the dude can’t freakin coach to save his life. Let’s honor Bobby Salad by listing out his quotes.  I’ll start - All gas no break.  Give me a fin break

On the "Oh the Pain" podcast he spoke so much about his golf game. I absolutely was serious that he is NOT HC material and  I stated as such. I read 2 of Parcells books. It's clear he is a football mind. He worked 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week. I got ripped by the homers here.  I called JD out after the Becton pick as another Idzik/McCag.  A guy who goes against common sense and makes picks like Becton and Will McDonald when better prospects are available.  Got ripped again.

Well, here we are.  Does anyone actually think the Steelers considered bringing in AR?  NO. They will suffer and rebuild the right way. They didn't bring in a ton of old washed up FA's to accommodate AR.  Green Bay, run by a Board of Directors, like a true business told AR GFY, we are NOT gonna accommodate  one person.

Only a selfish naïve combo of douchebags would do what the Jets have done.


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Saleh needs to be fired.  Hackett needs to go with him.  This organization needs to bring in a proven NFL head coach with a track record of success.  Would one come here?  Who knows but they have to try.  The unfortunate thing though is both Saleh and Hackett along with JD will be back next season.  They’ll all be given another chance with Rodgers at QB.

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