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Kinda quiet 'round these parts


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49 minutes ago, Lupz27 said:

What is there to stick around for?  I get if you want to and discuss but it’s so bad I also get not wanting to stick around.

he is talking about someone who might call you a "causal JN poster" for not knowing who he is talking about.

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1 hour ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

today hd GIF


Seem to be missing quite a few posters lately. Like, just poof, disappeared. 


You think those Die Hard NFL Football / NY Jets fans would be enjoying talking Football here on our long Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend. 


Weird. So very, very weird. 


the only thing that can save the jets is apathy for 2-3 years


years of other fans in our met life seats


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I just don’t like how nasty some of the defenders be, most never apologize either.

They treat you like the plague because you see the Jets bull**** at the end of the tunnel, while they are walking st8 to a face full of double stuffed JD doo doo  


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