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Aaron Rodgers with the team now - Full time


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Just now, slimjasi said:

Rodgers clearly bought into the idea of being the Jets savior (I think it naturally feeds his massive ego)


I suspect he’s going to play here as long as his health allows. Very curious to see how this plays out. 

Given how bad the offense has been, he can get immediate king status by scoring a few tds.  

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5 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

So if he reinjures the Achilles, does that mean douglas gets to take another qb next year whenever he wants?


and you blew my sneaky backdoor cover bro. And I was gonna make it’s own thread about it.

this is why I’m not mad if he plays.

the theory is- You get hurt, we pick anyone we want and fire Hackett. A second catastrophic injury voids your GM role.


sorry we did our best Aaron. You broke down not us.

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After having a few days to digest, I’m just about on the brink of conceding the season, but not there yet. If the Rumors of Becton, Brown and Schweitzer returning this week are true the line will be at least slightly upgraded from turnstile status. My last final prayer scenario is the Jets beating two sub-par indoor southern teams at home to claw to 6-7. Setting up a revenge rematch with Miami with the team knowing Aaron is just a week away. In this 3 game prayer the line finally begins to form chemistry as the weekly injuries miraculously stop. Getting to 7-7 with Aaron and a gelled line is the final hope. 

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2 hours ago, Jdeet said:

At practice today, getting treatment, with the team now, full time. Many fans will criticize and don't want him there. They don't want him to play. They would rather we lose. Get a better draft pick.

As for the players, they are inspired. Especially the veterans like CJ and Laken, who are amazed he is back already, who have seen this injury be a year-long recovery situation. But Rodgers, win or lose, is back with the team. Maybe it's to prove he can do it and he is just different than everyone else. Good or bad, he is doing something that has never been done before. Personally, I am inspired.  Not that it will matter, in the end result of the team, this year. But, at 40, with the team spiraling, he is back. 

If only. 

They looked inspired these last 4 weeks with him on the sideline. 

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3 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

Ill give him credit.  Not sure what he is doing here.  Id be in CA and not back till training camp next year.  Is his broad in the area?  There has to be a reason he is doing this.  Midlife crises?  Is he driving a red mustang convertible?

Red Mustang ???  Naw.  Gotta be yellow. 


thumbnail (2).jpg

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