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Former NY Jets Nick Mangold is very impressed w/ Jets rookie C, Tippmann and his glorious head of hair

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1 hour ago, JagsFanJif said:

You guys call him, Tippmann and his glorious head of hair?, right? I always loved Mangold.  Loved him since Ohio St., I was screaming his name out loud when the Jags drafted Marcedes Lewis (who is still in the league) right in front of him in that 2006 draft.  Anywho, I thought you guys might be need this right now.  A little ray of sunshine and a great breakdown from one of your legendary players


Does this mean we might see Tippman on the injury list for "bad hair day" ???

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Not all has worked, but to his credit JoeD has put more resources into our OLine than any regime since 2006 with D'Brick and Mangold were drafted #4 and #29 overall (also got Leon Washington and Wild Bore Huner with Knives Anthony Schlegel)

Only thing more frustrating than having trouble with the line, is having trouble with the line that zero resources were poured into. I really can't recall a GM who poured more draft picks and FA cap$ into our Oline than JD. Can you imagine if Becton, AVT, Tippman and the rest all played to their potential and remained healthy for the last 4 years? We coulda had the #1 Oline. Which is way better than the #32 line, trust me. Would probably still have Sam under center.

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