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Chris Streveler Apology Thread


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47 minutes ago, JTJet said:

Why not? 

At this point if you attempt to argue that any of the QBs who played this year (Wilson, Boyle, Sieman) are better than Strev... you are an absolute fool and a liar. 

All Streveler did for us was score TDs and win. That's all. Pre-Season you say? Bah. Every player on the field this year plays like a pre-season player, except for what 3 guys? And one of them is a Punter. 

Streveler threw for 5 TDs 1 Int in the equivalent of 1.5 NFL Games. He made Denzel Mims, CJ Uzomah, and Lawrence Cager look good. 

I wish I were actually joking this time, but man... you have to be dense as **** to argue against this now. 

Which is why so many teams were standing in line to sign him once he was cut.

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6 minutes ago, JTJet said:

Are you arguing a lot of teams would be jumping at the chance to sign Wilson and Boyle?

No, they suck too. That doesn’t mean that Streveler doesn’t suck. This will probably be Boyles last hurrah in the NFL unless the Jets are dumb enough to bring him back. Some team will take a chance on Wilson the same as teams took a chance on Rosen. Teams think they can unlock the potential in players like that even though they will probably be wrong. That is assuming that we aren’t dumb enough to run it back with Wilson also.

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