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Texans are no longer the laughingstock; the NY Jets regained the title


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It was laughable when the Texans skipped Sauce Gardner at #2 during the 2022 draft.  I started a thread mocking the Texans at that time, needless to say, they are getting the last laugh. 


Robert Saleh can look across the field on Sunday to the opposing sideline and think about what might have been.

Saleh and Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans both became head coaches after serving as the 49ers’ defensive coordinator. Ryans succeeded Saleh in San Francisco after Saleh left in 2021 to become the Jets’ head coach. Saleh actually gave Ryans his start in coaching in 2017 when he hired him as a low-level coach with the 49ers.

While the two share some history, their present could not be more different thanks to how each of their teams handled having the No. 2-overall pick in the NFL draft.

The Jets had the No. 2 pick when they hired Saleh in 2021 following a dismal 2-14 campaign. The Jets selected Zach Wilson with that draft pick and that decision has colored everything about Saleh’s time with the Jets all the way through Monday when a report from The Athletic said Saleh wanted Wilson to be the starting quarterback again, but Wilson was hesitant because he feared getting injured.

Saleh said that Wilson never expressed any reluctance to him and instead Wilson told him he wants to start, but there clearly was some truth in the report because Saleh did not completely deny it.

It is just the latest chapter in the sad saga between Wilson and the Jets, a marriage that has been rocky for more than a year now.

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson (2) reacts on the sideline

Zach Wilson’s reported reluctance to play again is the QB’s latest Jets drama.USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con


Let's listen to this fool again


On the other side, Ryans enters Sunday’s game with C.J. Stroud, who the Texans drafted No. 2 overall in April. Stroud is having one of the best rookie seasons a quarterback has ever had, throwing for 3,540 yards, 20 touchdowns and five interceptions in his first 12 games.

The Texans are 7-5 and primed to make a run at the playoffs. The Jets are 4-8 and trying to figure out how to score a touchdown.

It drives home the point which has been made many times — there is no more important position in sports than quarterback.

C.J. Stroud #7 of the Houston Texans throws a pass

C.J. Stroud’s quick NFL acclimation has the Texans off to a head start

Jets head coach Robert Saleh reacts after the New York Jets lay down a tackle

Robert Saleh can look to the Texans for how his Jets tenure could have gone.


When a team gets it right, the coach looks like a genius. When the team gets it wrong, the coach is heading for unemployment.

Do we know that Ryans is a better coach than Saleh? No, we don’t. But Nick Caserio picked the right guy and Joe Douglas picked the wrong one.

Look around the league. Bill Belichick is not the same coach without Tom Brady. The Bengals are not going anywhere with Joe Burrow injured. The crosstown Giants have managed to win a few games with Tommy DeVito, but does anyone think they are going to make a run here?

Everything comes back to the decisions you make at quarterback and the selection of Wilson has bitten the Jets for three years now. They tried to move on this offseason when they made the trade for Aaron Rodgers, but they decided to keep Wilson as the backup. Then, when Rodgers’ Achilles tendon burst four plays into the season, they were forced to turn back to Wilson. Jets fans will always view Wilson as the No. 2-overall pick and not just another backup quarterback. So, when Wilson throws an interception it is another indictment of Douglas and Saleh.

Saleh benched Wilson two weeks ago but Tim Boyle and Trevor Siemian look worse, so now he may have to put Wilson on the field again.

All of this horrible quarterback play has led to a lot of losing. Saleh is 15-31 in his three years as the Jets’ coach. He has built a championship-quality defense here, but that gets overshadowed by the failures at quarterback.

Saleh should not be exonerated here. He was part of the decision-making when the Jets drafted Wilson and when they decided to bring him back this year.

But we won’t truly know whether Saleh can coach until we see him with a good NFL quarterback. We may get that chance if he can survive this losing streak and return next year with a healthy Rodgers.

Ryans will get the genius treatment and maybe it will be proven he deserves it. Having a quarterback like Stroud, though, is like getting a head start in a race. 

Head coach DeMeco Ryans of the Houston Texans reacts with members of the team

DeMeco Ryans has everything he needs to get Houston moving in the right direction.

Two defensive coaches who had success with the 49ers and landed head-coaching jobs. One has a quarterback. The other doesn’t. That will be on display Sunday at MetLife Stadium and it could determine how both are remembered as head coaches.


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I honestly don't  think the QB matters until we get OL that can stop the injury bug this unit has. Tippman seems to be a good start. Becton is a possibility.  I say this because his knee held up. I'm not killing a player for spraining an ankle. The thing about Becton is he has not lived up to being a 1st round pick. AVT seems to be the biggest injury problem right now which sucks because he is our best OL. 

I look at QBs like Dak, Mahomes and Purdy. They play behind great OLs. We need to be better here before we look for a QB. 

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1 hour ago, usanyj said:

Every year until you get it right...

I think you take it a step further.

Every year until you get it right and then draft more until you get another one right.

Having 2 good quarterbacks is the best "problem" you can have in all of sports. It's trade bait like you'll never have otherwise, and/or insurance for injuries.

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48 minutes ago, JETSxWRATH™ said:

Texans have won their division 6 times since the last time the Jets were in the playoffs. That is 3x as many division titles as the Jets have won in their entire history, despite having a 40 yrs head start lol

Great summary and a truly sad story. 

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1 minute ago, Adoni Beast said:

I think you take it a step further.

Every year until you get it right and then draft more until you get another one right.

Having 2 good quarterbacks is the best "problem" you can have in all of sports. It's trade bait like you'll never have otherwise, and/or insurance for injuries.

Douglas has done a fair amount of good here.  The obvious fail was wilson.  He tried to correct it with rodgers.  The problem was that he entered this season with 1 real qb and it backfired.  

The nfl reality is that you need at least 2 qbs with another in development. The qb position is so critical you really should draft one a year and keep upgrading the position.  Drafting a guy like pratt in the 3rd round is so much more important than any other use of that pick.  Even if rodgers plays 12 games next year that means he misses 5.. who plays in those games?  

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22 minutes ago, Bronx said:

No OL, no back-up QB, yeah, he has done very fine! 

I try to be objective, really try.  Becton, tippman and avt were all quality OL.  When they play, they’ve been good.  The main problem with douglas has been qb and if rodgers were healthy we’d all be pretty happy here.

that said, the OL keep getting hurt and they need 2 new qbs this offseason.  

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3 minutes ago, shawn306 said:

I don't know why this surprises anybody.

The Jets never hit on the coach and they never hit on the QB. More failures than not in the draft.

Recipe for Disaster

2 most important people and they whiffed on both.  Drafting breece, garrett and sauce are nice but don’t move the needle. 

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Texans got rid of the laughingstock tag when they finally fired Jack Easterby

Granted JD nowhere near the level of Quack Easterby is....but he is bad at his job...

When the Jets finally hire competence in the FO, they too can lose that tag......

Our one big problem however is that I'm not sure our owner knows what competence looks like 😵‍💫

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4 hours ago, Rich Thornburgh said:

All it took was hitting on a qb




4 hours ago, Bronx said:

The politics of this organization has destroyed this team.  

Woody had to have a QB that looked good in commercials.  I think that teas the basis of the Sanchez and Wilson picks. 

A better organization/GM-Owner trades down, takes OT/WR.

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2 hours ago, More Cowbell said:

I honestly don't  think the QB matters until we get OL that can stop the injury bug this unit has.

I think it depends on what's available when you're in the draft. A large part of it is being able to properly evaluate the position

If you're in range for a QB you take him and don't look back. You can sit him until you can build an OL around him. GMs who know what they're doing don't take 5 years to build an OL

If you're not in a position to pick a QB you like, keep building the team until you can get the QB you like......

If you can't properly evaluate the position, all bets are off 

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49 minutes ago, OilfieldJet said:

Derek Stingley 5 INTs

Sauce Gardner 2 INTs

Ultimately, they just throw the ball at Stingley more than they throw at Sauce, who doesn't shadow the other team's WR1 anyway. Aside from that, Stingley was a top prospect; it's not like they reached for a guy who should've gone in the 20s.

Why bother risky passes testing the Jets' corners outside? We can't score points and are in an effective 4-way tie for worst in the NFL in turnovers lost so they'll eventually get a short field (if not an outright TD on defense or special teams). Houston's 10th in ppg and rarely turns the ball over (6 of their 11 turnovers came in two games that they won anyway because the offense still scores at least 3 TDs to offset). 

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