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Saleh Refutes Report Claiming Zach Wilson Reluctant to Play


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Robert Saleh and the New York Jets are in full damage control mode as the head coach came out to refute a report that claimed quarterback Zach Wilson is “reluctant” to return to action if called upon to start this Sunday.

The claim was made by Zach Rosenblatt and Dianai Russini, who sent out nearly identical tweets at the exactly 6:25pm.  Both claimed the Jets were leaning toward starting Wilson but that the signal caller may not be interested in coming back.

The Jets want to make a switch at QB. The team is leaning towards Zach Wilson to take over, but he is reluctant to stepping back in, sources tell @DMRussini and me. The team is hoping he changes his mind as they continue to discuss the next steps.

More on @TheAthletic shortly.

— Zack Rosenblatt (@ZackBlatt) December 4, 2023

Head coach Robert Saleh was asked directly about the report and denied its validity.  “Let’s be clear” said Saleh, “if he was reluctant to play, he wouldn’t be here”.  Zach Wilson “wants the ball” claimed Saleh, who said the quarterback came to him not long before the coach met with the media.

Wilson of course struggled under center due to a myriad of reasons, not the least being his inability to find the end zone which the quarterback acknowledge himself when he was benched just a couple of weeks ago.

Having now seen that their alternatives, Tim Boyle and Trevor Siemian leave even more to be desired than Wilson, the team is reportedly leaning toward asking Wilson to step in again.



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This story reeks. Someone inside leaked a made up story.

Man the hate for this kid is unreal! I actually feel bad for him. Its been a carnival sideshow since the day he got here.

If I were him I wouldn't risk my health and what's left of my career for this third rate organization.

If Zach was drafted by a team with a clue how to develop a QB he would be in a different world.

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