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Bills' McDermott Uses 9/11 hijackers as model example for teamwork


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13 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

So we don't believe reporters when it's about the Jets, but do believe them when it's about other teams? Just making sure I get it right. 

He's attributing exact quotes to McDermott who later acknowledged the report was true.

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5 minutes ago, Trotter said:

And we were upset that our coach used crows and pigeons

makes you realize just how underappreciated saleh is

What a hero of a coach Saleh is to not use terrorism as a model for success! Extend this beast!

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10 minutes ago, Adoni Beast said:

There is not a moment of this that is funny, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

There’s so sensible reason that he deserves to retain his job. 

People in any industry and especially sports have been fired for less.

NFL needs to step in here and do something just like they did with Gruden. We can’t have this garbage.



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45 minutes ago, AFJF said:

Missed the part where it was from 2019.  Odd to see it surface today.

It’s a hit piece mostly fueled by a former bill. There are other examples of bizarre speeches 


Take the “Niagara Falls” speech. In December 2021, locals will recall the news of a woman deliberately driving into the waterway that spills into the falls. She drifted down the Niagara River before her vehicle was lodged against a rock about 50 yards from the brink. McDermott studied up and pieced together a speech. The coach explained how members from the Coast Guard did everything they could to save the woman. He built up the drama. Players held on tight for an inspiring apex, and… nothing. He said the woman died. End of story. The complete absence of a point had some players biting their tongues, trying their hardest not to laugh.

And those in attendance will never forget training camp of 2019. The memory alone elicits a scattershot of emotions. One player’s eyes widen into saucers, horrified. One almost falls over, clapping and laughing hysterically. One cuts the question off before it’s asked, as if pleading the fifth: “I ain’t talking about that.”

Seven sources confirmed this story.

They call it the “9/11 speech,” and it’s seared into their memory forever.

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