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Pop up ads on main board

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The pop ups are making the site unreadable. The page keeps crashing constantly.
[mention=5358]bitonti[/mention] don’t be a suck up.
what started out as a few ads, basically took over half the page, and now we’ve got these damned tv style ads?
NOTE the freaking page reloaded twice while i typed this! WTF
Tapatalk eliminates the ads .. but kills the like emoji ...

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On 1/24/2024 at 1:26 PM, Maxman said:



They were supposed to put this in for the guest group only. We want tiered incentives. Guests see less ads than registered members, the premium no ads group sees no ads. I just changed this so the new ad should only be appearing for guests.

So let me start there. Any guests that are reading this, please sign up for a FREE account. We want people posting, so if you login you will see less ads.

Now for this other stuff, if you think JetNation is simply a chat page, I will disagree strongly with that.  With over a million page views a month this stuff isn't cheap.  I dare anyone to show me another Jets site, or content creator, that cares less about making money than we have here. You can't do it. We are going on 20 years and the story is well documented, I said no to a 6-figure payout during one of the many acquisition calls we received.

So to answer the question, 100% ad revenue is needed to cover the costs. For years the site cost $600 per month to run and that # has seen a large increase in the last two years. We now have a dedicated server and cloud hosted forums.

The tldr version is the ad is gone, it was intended for guests only and was put up for everyone. So in the future, just let me know if something doesn't seem right. We have a pretty long track record of caring about the user experience.  :)

I for one am NOT really complaining about the ads... I don't know what Shein is, but I approve of it/them.. her?



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