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OT: Georgetown vs Villanova

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Anyone watch this last night on ESPN? Man it was fun watching Patrick Ewing lose again.

Nova shot over 75%? How is that possible? Seriously what they did that night was nearly impossible. I would think pitching a perfect game would be easier in baseball.

What do you think the final score would have been if there was a shot clock back then?

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Maybe Ewing should have snorted some Coke before the game too.

He said he didn't snort before that game. But he did before every game before that! :oops:

Sounds like an excuse Bonds would use. No I didn't juice in the record breaking season. Not at all.

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My friend works for HBO sports and was able to get me into the premiere. It was pretty cool

Anyway, absolutely tremendous program, I loved the show. 79% from the field, only 1 miss the second half (then again they only toook 10 shots in the 2nd half.) I could only imagine how much fun it must have been to be a Nova student then

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