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Whats wrong with Manny?


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2 things here:

1. You heard all during the summer of 2005 the phrase "Manny Being Manny" emanating from self-hating, guilt-ridden Blue State Red Sox fans such as Garb and SJ.

...I guess 2006 is the year of "Manny Being Mark Bellhorn"!?!?!?!?

I told you bastards that we should trade this uniterested, unmotivated piece of sh*t while we still could and you called me a sheep. He who laughs last...

2. Blackout, please leave the comedy act/witty one-liners to those of us posters that can deliver them properly. Your Arroyo joke was flat, lame, and will fall on deaf ears.

If you wanna make an Arroyo-Homerun joke, check mine out from this past week:

In case anyone is keeping track, the 2006 Homerun Total is Bronson Arroyo: 2, Wily Mo Pena: 0.

You see, Bronson was traded for Wily Mo. And Wily Mo is a hulking slugger and Bronson is a long-haired, noodle-armed pitcher. Plus, we all know that Wily Mo will hit a bunch of homeruns and Bronson probably wont ever hit one again. Now, THAT is ironic. And thats how you deliver a punch line. Your comparison to Manny Ramirez is just insufferably unfunny.

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