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Do Jets Have the Depth to Avoid Repeat of Disastrous 2023?

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3 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

He basically says trust me to know that I can win with hack. 

Yeah ok. Bet

Because they won 39 games together over their 3 seasons and AR won back to back MVPs.

So yeah, bet

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Ostensibly, the OC’s main job isn’t to call the perfect play on every down, it’s to progressively bait the opposing DC into fronts and coverages that his offense can then expose in high-leverage/late game situations. So the OC may use certain drives during the game running plays that he knows aren’t going to necessarily pop with the sole intent of getting an LB to, in the fourth quarter, line up incorrectly later in the game, or getting the DC to call quarters on a play where you’ve set up your awesome play action deep shot that gets a safety lined up on, say, Garrett Wilson. 

One of the issues with Rodgers in Green Bay was that he didn’t want to play that type of game and wanted to win every down which, cool, but then you get to the playoffs and the opposing team is over-prepared for your tendencies on every play vs every coverage and you lose to Todd Bowles one year and then score ten points against the Niners the next year to get wiped out of the playoffs. One of LaFleur’s frustrations with Rodgers during their time together was that Rodgers was telling his receivers to run different patterns that what were drawn up because he saw a mismatch, but the reason those patterns are run a specific way is because LaFleur is setting other stuff up for later on, which now goes to hell because Rodgers thinks he knows better. 

Granted, I don’t have any confidence in Hackett’s ability to outfox opposing DCs over the long haul, but having a QB going rogue and calling his shots on every play is going to result in deeply diminished returns sooner than later. 

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