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Sporting news: Vince Young could fall into mid-to-late first round


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Vince Young could fall into mid-to-late first round

April 21, 2006

War Room scouts

For Sporting News

Back in January, we were the first to write that Vince Young was not the top pick in this draft, was not the top quarterback and perhaps was not even a top-10 pick. Short of Raiders owner Al Davis overruling his scouts and taking Young at No. 7, we're sticking with our early decision.

Young could be this year's Aaron Rodgers, who was in the conversation for the No. 1 pick to San Francisco but dropped all the way to Green Bay at No. 24. Texans officials have brought Young an others to team headquarters, but that's an obvious smokescreen to gain leverage with Bush's representatives in contract negotiations.

Contrary to the media posturing, there isn't much buzz in NFL circles about Young. He is one of the five players invited to Radio City Music Hall to attend the draft, but he could be in for a long, nationally-televised wait in the green room.

The way this draft is shaking out, Young could freefall if Davis doesn't pull the trigger on him at No. 7.

The Cardinals are a potential landing spot at No. 10. Arizona is thin behind aging and injury prone Kurt Warner but are in Year 3 of the Dennis Green regime and are opening a new stadium. The Cardinals need a player to contribute immediately and help get them into the playoffs. Young is a couple years away from being a viable NFL quarterback.

If Young falls past No. 10, where's the next stopping point? We have talked about the link with the Rams' new coach, Scott Linehan, who oversaw the development of Daunte Culpepper as an assistant coach in Minnesota. But with Marc Bulger in place, Gus Frerotte signed as the backup and Ryan Fitzpatrick showing some ability last year as a rookie, quarterback is not a pressing need for St. Louis. The Rams almost certainly will take a defensive player with the 11th pick.

At No. 12, the Browns spent a Day 1 pick last year on what they hope is their quarterback of the future, Charlie Frye. The Ravens (No. 13) do not have time to wait for Young to develop. The Falcons (No. 14) and Eagles (No. 15) both have franchise quarterback in Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb, and neither is near the end of his career. Vick has been slow to develop as a passer, so there is zero reason to think the Falcons would take on a similar project.

That brings us to the Dolphins at No. 16. Despite the trade for Culpepper, the loss of Gus Frerotte and Sage Rosenfels has left a big gap in the depth chart. Miami could be a landing spot for Young. However, with Culpepper coming back from a serious knee injury and possibly unavailable to play early in the season, the Dolphins might opt for Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler, who is a more polished passer and is more comfortable in the pocket and reading defenses.

Minnesota, at No. 17, could be best spot for Young. Brad Johnson, the starter, turns 38 in September, and backup Mike McMahon has NFL starting experience. Johnson and McMahon could give the Vikings time to develop Young's skills and educate him on the NFL game. Would the Vikings use a first-round pick on a player who might not play for two years? With eight picks in the draft, including five of the top 100, the Vikings just might.

Will Young definitely fall into the middle of the first round? Nothing is certain. It's impossible to read the minds of NFL personnel men, especially people like Davis, who don't speak much this time of year (and if they do, it's rarely truthful).

Young's inability to contribute in 2006, the lack of quality depth at several positions in this draft class and the needs of various teams in the first round could come together to create this year's perfect storm to cause an elite player to slide down the board. And this storyline could play out for hours and hours as the cameras focus on Young sitting alone in the green room. Or somebody could shock us all at take him early.

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What cowardly journalism. "Or we could get shocked and he gets taken early." What is that bull****? What is the point of this article anyway? VY will get drafted late because...these journalists said so months ago? Or he might not? What? Either say it straight, or don't say it all. Either pick a side, or don't write in the first place. This is just limp wristed hate. If you're gonna hate, hate the right way.

If VY dropped to the end of the first round, I'd scream for the Jets to take him at 29. Now that's some serious value, even if he doesn't pan out. Which, of course, is what every team would think if he falls past the 7 spot. TX is right though probably, pretty good chance that he's gone by 3.

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Vince Young will go #3 to the Titans.

There is no way in hell he falls out of the top 10, let alone to the bottom of the 1st round.

I said awhile back that he wouldn't go top 15. I think the Titans take a pass. As do a lot of other teams. The upside is great no doubt. But so is the downside.

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I don't think Young will get past Arizona. They need a quarterback and Dennis Green would be great for him, exactly the kind of coach he needs. Green can get the most out of any qb, he even made Jef George look good.

Dennis Green is a very under rated HC.

He just needs some talent.

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Yeah... look at all the super bowls he won in Minnesota with all that talent.

Oh wait....

If there was an ignorant obnoxious comment of the day award you would have won it. Dennis Green went to the playoffs 8 out of 10 years in Minnesota with several different qb's.

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If there was an ignorant obnoxious comment of the day award you would have won it. Dennis Green went to the playoffs 8 out of 10 years in Minnesota with several different qb's.

Yeah, he did. I know this. They were on tv all the time. And yet, with all that talent, he couldn't quite get them over the hump. It's called "Wayne Fonts-itis". Look it up.

You forget, grasshopper, I live in Detroit. I've seen the Vikings all my life, as they're in the same division as the Lions. So, they're on local tv all the time. And yet, with all the talent they had in Minnesota, the best they could do was losing to Atlanta in the NFC championship game. And, as you should know, making the playoffs isn't the goal. Winning the Super Bowl is. Wayne Fontes made the playoffs almost every year. And proceeded to lose in the first round. That didn't make the Lions a great team. And he did it with several different QB's too. Does that make Wayne a great coach?

So, before you go off calling anyone's comments ignorant and/or obnoxious, you should take a step back and think. Think about what you're going to post. Then, make sure that it's actually right.

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