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Tigers Magic Number: 148

The Gun Of Bavaria

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Quick - lock the doors to Comerica.

Would anyone notice? ;)

Seriously, the Tigers are coming on strong. Unfotunately, they're in a division with the White Sox and Indians, which is going to make it tough. I love their pitching though.

Anything over .500 will be a good year for the Detroiters (my AL baseball team). Watch out next year, though.

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I'm really liking Leyland's manging technique. He's not afraid to rely on his youth, taking care of his veterans, and not taking crap from either one. If something's F-d up, he's not afraid to let the team know vocally. :)

He's aggressive on the basepaths, looks to be managing the pitchers very effectively.

Anything better then a .500 season for the Tigers is a success. I think the Tigers can compete for 2nd and if they stay solid compete for a WC. If it doesn't happen it doesn't happen, but I think they can take Cleveland for 2nd place. That alone would be a major improvement and foundation for next season.

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