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My Jets Mock.


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1a. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virgina

1b. Lawernce Maroney, RB, Minnesota

2. Max Jean-Giles, OG, Georgia

3a. Kellen Clemens, QB, Oregon

3b. Gerris Wilkinson, DE/LB, Georgia Tech

4a. Best DT available

4b. Marcus Maxey, CB, Miami

5. Justin London, ILB, UCLA*

7. Clinton Solomon, WR, Iowa

* Probably a reach at this point.

If this happend come draft day, I would be excited. We would have filled many holes, and we would have a revamped offense and maybe that could be enough of a jumpstart to get the offense to at least a decent preformance level. If we got this draft, We would be headed in the right direction for sure.

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So many mocks out there. Yours is fine, but I'm kinda partial to this one, although there's not much likelihood that Tamba Hali will still be on the board by round 2 -


This mock is attrocious. First, it has New Orleans selecting Matt Leinart and us selecting D'Brick. Then, later in the first round it has us selecting Nick Mangold who will supposedly be snapping Leinart the ball for years to come. Then, with our first 3rd round pick, they have us taking Maurice Stovall from Notre Dame -"A big target for Matt Leinart."

Draft and trade with New Orleans ??? :rolleyes:

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I think the Jets will trade down a few spots with the Raiders and take Cutler, if Mangold is there they will take him if not one of the DE/OLB hybrids. In the second they will go with Hali if they haven't taken Manny or Kam. The third round will be O line, TE, or WR with their two picks. This is going to be a great draft to rebuild quick. I'm not sure as to what picks we could get swapping spots with the raiders but at least another third rounder.

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