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Panthers will pass on this turd


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haha, from another news source:

The Chicago Sun-Times reported today that Los Angeles Police Department detective Robert Lewis said Manning was in a group that attacked a man in the restaurant after teasing him for working on a laptop computer.

"The group began by making comments that the victim looked like a geek or a nerd," Lewis said.

The victim asked the group to stop and then complained to a Denny's manager before someone in the group punched him in the face. He then was punched and kicked by multiple attackers until losing consciousness, Lewis said.

they thought instead of working on his laptop he should have been straightening out his doorag or polishing his oversized neck jewelery or gold teeth,,

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at least they didnt shoot or stab the guy!

my friends' bar in Brooklyn used to have a thug elemnt to the crowd..sometimes posses would bump into another posse and a fight would ensue!

good times

I really hate thugs more than neo cons!

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