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Lavin rejects coaching job at NC ST.


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Lavin will stay in broadcasting; turns down NC State

ESPN.com news services


Steve Lavin has decided not to coach at North Carolina State and will remain an analyst with ESPN and ABC Sports.

Lavin talked extensively with Wolfpack athletic director Lee Fowler for more than a week. He also discussed his broadcasting future with executives at ESPN and ultimately decided to stay with TV.

Lavin formerly coached at UCLA from 1996-2003. He has spent the last three seasons in broacasting at ESPN and ABC Sports.

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NC State fans get NO sympathy from me. They are possibly the most ridiculous fan base in America. They expect to compete with the other teams in the state (Duke, UNC), and should just be happy to make the tournament every year, as they did under Sendek. Hell, my UNCW Seahawks were better last year. They made a BIG mistake when they called for Sendek's head. Big name head coach after coach has turned them down so far, and I'm sure they're ready to say "screw it, hire ANYONE" at this point. Good riddance.

If you can't go to college, go to State!

That phrase certainly rings true for the Wolfpack faithful. They're all a bunch of morons.

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