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See what falls in our lap!

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Stay at 4. See what falls in our lap! Any of the players in the top 10 are good picks. Honestly the more I think about it I want Hawk at 4. But will be happy with most of the guys in the top 10 including Ferguson,Davis,Ngata, or a trade down for Cutler. Lets not lose our heads Tangini for a RB. Although he is a great talent and I would be happy with him. We have alot of holes to fill and at this point I think no one player would solve our problems. Cooler heads will prevail!

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yea whatever happens happens and all I know but the possibilities are amazing when you start thinking about it-like trading down in this deep draft and stockpiling picks is another way we can almost fix this team in a day

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I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!...

#1= williams



#4=BUSH.........no need to give up about 4-5 picks to move to #2..

This sounds reasonable, but the problem lies in another team trading up and nabbing Bush. I personally feel like the Jets are in a no lose situation, and if Bush does fall to 4, I would certainly entertain ALL offers.

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