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I really like NFL Networks'


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Seems like ESPN put a muzzle on Kiper and told Irvin to talk his head off. Irvin is a dope fiend. Who cares what he thinks? Would rather hear Jackson more, or Schlereth, or Hoge or Kiper. Why bother paying Kiper to put an idiot like Irvin on center stage? After a certain point they stopped showing the wide shot whenever Irvin spoke because the other 4 guys were looking down uncomfortably into their papers like someone just farted in church or shat the punchbowl.

Only quibble with NFL is some of the players they bring on aren't all that familiar with much ebyond their own teams. One player said that McCareins would be a big help to VInce Young with the Titans. We could only wish it were so.

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