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Saw United 93

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The arguement about whether its too soon for this movie is a good one,but its not like hollywood has never made a movie about true tragic events. Some of the best movies ever made have been about WWII.

The way I personally look at it is that I personally have no interest in seeing any movie about that day as I have no interest in reliving it in any way. Some people like the idea of a 9/11 movie because they'll find it therapeutic,or because they'll do justice to the heroes of that day (obviously not in my opinion,but there are those out there who believe so). But this is hollywood we're talking about and they're gonna make movies about it no matter what,so might as well get it out of the way now. Its not like they're forcing you to go and see the movie.

FWIW,its actually supposed to be very well done and very respectful.

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i agree with you , i think its pathetic when they make movies like this...

Yeah, its still too real yet in my mind for me. And why must these people make movies and get rich off of such a tragic event? I dont agree with it.
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The makers of this movie went to the family of every single passenger on that plane to ask permission. Every family member gave their okay. That's good enough for me.

Also, a portion of the profits are going to be donated to a 9/11 memorial fund.

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