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Yankees Clipper?

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I am going with a few friends to a Yankees game in June and I am trying to decide whether to take this ferry service, the Yankee Clipper. It costs 18$ and it leaves from a variety of places in NJ. I am not driving in because we are all 17 and can't drive out of state and my other option is the train and then the subway. Has anyone ever taken the Yankee Clipper. I just need some first hand knowledge.

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The Yankee Clipper at the South Street Seaport is now an OTB parlor.

I've taken the Mets version, which dosen't run anymore. They used to let you BYOB cooler. Takes a while, but beats the subway.

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I used to live on 34th and 1st, my buddies and I would take the Yankee Clipper up to games whenever we could.

Although it's more expensive than the subway, definitely worth it, as its a far more enjoyable ride. Plus, we always brought a ton of beers on board, so lots of fun. It's like taking a booze cruise to a Yanks game. Can't beat it.

The only problem (sometimes) is the return trip. I think it leaves something like 45 minutes after the game ends, sometimes you end up waiting a bit.

But still definitely worth it, IMO. Book tickets now, it does sell out.

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