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Interesting Read on Rotor Cuff surgery..


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A dose of reality. Read this.

QBs Not the Same After Injury, Surgery

By Len Pasquarelli


ATLANTA -- He is roughly 1,000 miles removed from Chad Pennington and his only

familiarity with the ailing passer comes from a big-screen television, but former Green

Bay Packers quarterback Don Majkowski can certainly commiserate with the famously

sore-shouldered New York Jets

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Like Miller, the candid Majkowski wonders whether Pennington pushed things this

spring and summer and got back on the football field too soon. No one who spoke with

ESPN.com questioned the wisdom of the Jets or their handling of Pennington and his

rehabilitation. The consensus, particularly from those who know a little about the Jets

quarterback and his competitive nature, figure Pennington pushed himself. He is, after all,

a player who noted last week that the team "would have to cut off arm to keep him

from playing this week." That was, course, before he knew the extent of the latest injury.

One quarterback who underwent rotator cuff surgery several years ago, but who asked not

to be identified for this story, noted the Pennington comment of last week. Reacting to it,

he said: "You know what? If someone told me I had to go through surgery

again, and all the it takes to come back from it, hell, I might have to tell them to

amputate, too."

There is, Majkowski and Miller concurred, no shortcut that Pennington can take now as

he embarks on a second rehabilitation in nine months. Miller, who recently had a plumber

install an industrial grade ice machine in his basement, said that Pennington will have to

ice his shoulder every day for the rest of his career, and perhaps beyond. And Majkowski

noted that Pennington, no matter what transpires as far as surgery in the coming weeks,

had better get accustomed to a chilling reality.

"Even if he sits out and doesn't play until next year, no matter how diligent Pennington is

with the rehabilitation, a rotator cuff is like a lifetime thing," Majkowski said. "That's just

how it is. I mean, for a guy who makes a living throwing a ball, it's an absolute


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I can personally vouch for the stuff in this article. I could not change the radio staion in my vehicle. I had to use my left arm to hold and lift my right arm onto the stick shift. The rehab was unbleleivably painfull. For a month I would writhe in pain just trying to get my left hand under my freakin right armpit (it was my right shoulder) in the shower. I mean the pain was 3 times worse than the initial moments of a bad ankle sprain.

I've had knee surgery, sinus sugery, had my thumb wired back into place.... none of that stuff came close to the pain of rehabbing that shoulder. I had to sleep sitting up in a recliner for the first three weeks. Even after that first month, the rehab techs would move your arm to rip the scar tissue, trying to get range of motion back in the shoulder. It was freakin brutal. Partial tears are no where near as bad as full tears are.

I can't imagine going through that twice in a year......

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