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Memory Lane time for Me, Senior and JFL!!


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Good stuff Savage...wide open football at its best! My favorite team to watch back in those days (even though I liked the Titans/Jets) were the Chargers. John Hadl at QB throwing to Lance Alworth and Keith Lincoln and Paul Lowe in the backfield...talk about fire power!

You know what I can't understand?? On the Titan/Jet Page they have these players as AFL HOF'ers..What happen to John Elliot?? He was a Beast!

Verlon Biggs

Larry Grantham

Abner Haynes

Winston Hill

Bill Mathis

Don Maynard

Wahoo McDaniel

Joe Namath

Vito "Babe" Parilli

Art Powell

Gerry Philbin

Paul Rochester

George Sauer

Matt Snell

Jim Turner

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I remember the AFL.;)

I also remember the NFL's answer to it-

The Vikings and Cowboys. :beer_Orcish:

The NFL expanded for the first time, to keep Dallas out of the AFL.

Then, after the merger, the Colts and Steelers moved into the NFC.

Jet Mo you left out the Browns!!;) And they were all in the AFC..

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Excellent site. Brings back some memories. I started watching Football in 1967 or so. So I do not have teh memories you old-timers do. But I remember watching or reading about most of those players. And Blanda played forever!!

It was a great league. I liked the Chargers, but the Raiders with Darryl Lamoanica could light them up also. Fred "stick-um" Bilitn. andcompany were also fun to watch.

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Hey, I'm with you guys too!

I loved the old AFL. The NFL in those days was a stodgy, 3 yards and a cloud of dust league. The AFL was a wide open, innovative league. For whatever other faults they had, Sid Gillman and Hank Stram were two of the greatest innovators the game has seen.

Not only were the Chargers offensively gifted, but they had the best uniforms ever seen in the NFL (their retro unis now). Beautiful stuff.

I go back to Dick Wood. Anyone remember him?

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