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Laila Ali


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I happen to be in love with both jelena and mia.

Laila? When i think of her two words come to mind. Nepotism & hype.

Without her famous father she'd be serving up lattes in Starbucks.

WTF are you babblin about? Her father wants nothing to do with her boxing career and she is a better fighter than both those chicks & this thread was about who's hotter. She blows those 2 nasty skanks out of the water.

And the winner by KO :box: Laila Ali!!

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Oh & Mia St.John is the definition of HYPE. So if you take your top off for playboy your skills in the ring improve?

No, but ticket sales do.

Mia has backed it up though.

I'd like to see Laila take on Lucia, Freddie Roach's girl, if she won that then I'd be a believr.

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