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Spyders look, primarily, for NEW and RELEVANT content and rank sites according to this and about a hundred other criteria which they will never tell you.

Example: Let's say you go to Google and type in "New York Law Firms". If google, according to the algorythyms determined by the spyders, ranks your site on the first page, well, that's hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars of free advertising.

Don't piss off a spyder.

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Go to yahoo.com and type this in:

ny jets, message board

See who is # 1? JetNation baby.

Now type in new york jets, message board

See who is on page 117? lol. Yeah Max is a dumb a$$ but he is actively working on the problem! :P Which is why yahoo and google have been here so much lately. I told them to index the hell out of this place!

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