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After all the hype going into last years ALCS i never thought that series would be as exicting as it was. It was. this is a divison rival who have a history as old as the bible.This year after going up 3-0 i thouhgt for sure the sox didn't have it them this year to give us one of those great series that america loves to watch.they did.

The comeback the redsox have put on makes the anitcipation & pressure for this game 7 enormous .

Get out your VCR,your tivo, DVD recorder,whatever you have,if you are broke take notes and save that sh*t because tomorrow is going to be the biggest game in MLB history.

Greatest comeback in MLB postseason history(so far), at the greatest ball park in america, against the greatest franchise in sports histroy who just happen to be the comeback kids of the postseason there is no way this game is put out of reach by the 4th inning by either side,The baseball gods would not allow this.

If you have to work,call in.If you have plans, cancel them.I can guarantee you will feel like a fool if you miss this game. Redsox fan,yankee fan or just a fan of the game.

This is Ali ~ Frazier.....david vs goliath....this is the real thing.

If the Sox win,congrats to them for pulling it off and they will have earned my respect. If the Yankees win ....well ill be happy

Good luck and lets pray for extra innings

I wrote this the minutes before game 7.

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If the Sox win,congrats to them for pulling it off and they will have earned my respect.

That's what EVERYONE said.

However, it didn't take very long for those clowns to make everyone lose that newfound respect for them.

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From the JetNation legal department:

We are reviewing this post to see who the legal owner is. We will get back to you with our final verdict in 3 - 4 years.

Thanks for your patience.

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