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Honest Yankees Stadium Question

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How steep is that upper deck? Looks steep as hell.

What's the place like overall? Can the fans reach that 'shrine' area near CF?

Monument Park at Yankee Stadium is ALWAYS closed. For crying out loud I think it is easier to train real hard, hit 500 home runs and have them put a plaque in there with your name on it.

Because if you have to rely on the normal hours of operation, it ain't happening.

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The upper deck is pretty steep. The upside of that is that nobody's head blocks your sight.

Monument Park is open before every game and is included in the non-gameday tour.

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I must say that as much as the Yankees make me sick, there really is nothing like walking out of the concourse and seeing that field and the facade. It is a beautiful park. Especially compared to Shea, which is a disgusting urinal that feels like it was built by mistake.

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