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How Many Games Until ARod Starts Getting Booed at Home?

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This deadbeat better start jacking HR's or it'll get ugly for him quick. I'm predicting that he gets booed tomorrow if he doesn't launch one.

Um not sure if you saw any games last year but HRs are the one part of his game that he still had.

I realize that as a site Admin you are simply trying to be "controversial". Your hope is to provoke debate and conversation.

But the baseball fans in this forum are smart and they see right through your shallow attempts.

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All I'm saying is that JetsBosoxFan is right about ARod. He is NOT a winner. Some guys know how to win. Some guys are Danny Tartabull/ARod.

These kind of statement should only come out of the mouth of someone who knows baseball. Not you TomShane.

Your first mistake was thinking J/B was right [-X

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Piazza makes me sick. That disgusting "quest" to hit the most HR's by a catcher--a pointless record by any standard--while his team is failing miserably on the field made me sick. And the way he butchered being at first--no one is going to convince me he wasn't throwing it so he wouldn't have to play over there. Trade that bitch to Anaheim tomorrow for a pair of Darin Erstad's socks.

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