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Most Valuable Papi hits another walkoff bomb!


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Giambi is still having a better year.

What that .001 higher BA compensates for 2 less HRs and 10 less RBIs?

You are stupid.

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Giambi has had 4 YEARS over 1. OPS Ortiz :1

Giambi 4 years hitting over 314 Ortiz: 0

Giambi 7 years with OPS over 400 Ortiz: ZERO

Giambi has CLEARLY had a better carrer and is clearly a better hitter. Don't let the myth of "clutch hitting" fool you.

MM You made a good point with the ABs and difference in HRs/RBIs, mea culpa.

However, making an argument for GiambROID is disengenuious. First, let's take age into factor. Giambi is 35. Big Papi 30. Through their last complete season at the age of 29 (i.e. 2005 for Big Papi and 2000 for Giambi), the >1.000 OPS is 1 to 1; >.314 BA GIambi 2 to 0; and >.400 OPS Giambi 2 to 0.

I will agree with the claim that on the surface, Giambi is a better hitter. However, here is where I disagree with it, what are Giambi's BA since roid speculation started swirling around him? .250 .208. .271 .267. Take away the Big Papi shift being employed and I would say Big Papi is the better hitter. Giambi has always had more plate disipline and drive up his OBP.

Where did you get those close and late numbers whiteman?

According to ESPN splits:

Giambi's splits are .115 BA .385 OBP/SLG and .770 OPS.

Papi's splits are .231 BA .286 OBP .667 SLG and .953 OPS.

The rest of your numbers are close, but you did leave out one key stat. Ks in both of those RISP splits. Big Papi has 124 ABs vs Giambi's 77, but has struck out one time less.

Giambi does seem to be having a better year, but the real 'clean,' allegedly, GiambROID's #s are not that much better. Upon further reflection, Giambi definetly has a cloud over his career. I think those close and late numbers are a more accurate view of our two players. I wonder what our respective players splits are with the added leading by 5 or more runs. Maybe I missed all his highlights, but I can not seem to go more then two weeks without seeing a Big Papi blast. I cannot say the same for Giambi.


Using your logic, then Big Papi is having an MVP caliber season much like A-Rod last year. Just saying, Big Papi had numbers on A-Rod in all the 'clutch' categories last year, but finished second.

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I got agree......funny how Ortiz was average at best in Minnesota. Kinda one of those guys who all of a sudden is that much better.??. I agree he has hit same big shots. But how "clutch" are you in may and june as opposed to aug or sept. Seems to me the Yanks won the division again last year. MVP? to a guy who has no fielding skills and is on the bench 90% of the game ???? Just saying

Again, with this tired old subject?

Until Papi comes up positive, you all are coming off as your typical ignorant baseball fan.

"Big Papi did not do anything in Minnesota and now he is killing the ball!"

Look at his numbers. Here they are:


His last three years in MInnesota he started to show power. Then he goes to Boston, in his prime, to a hitters park with a short left porch and is surrounded by alot more talent and he is not expected to see significant numbers boost?

Seriously, are you all retarded?

Not every player is A-Rod or Griffey and can start hitting 40 HRs at the age of 20. Some players have to develop and do not reah their rpime until the are in their mid to late 20s.

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He also made 'the leap' with regular playing time, a great hitting coach, and a good team around him.

Except for jealous Yankee fans, there has never even been a whisper linking steroids and Ortiz.

They are just jealous.

Giambi. Johnson. Pavano.

The Sox got Ortiz for a fraction of the price and just as much and more production thenthe Yankees did for Giambi. Of course, all Big Papi's SI articles are positive and do not revolve around steroids.

Then the Yankees come up empty in two other FA endeavours that the Sox were able to mine expertly.

Typical Yankee fans trying to make themselves fell better about their team that has dropped the ball too many times in every aspect of the game over these last few years.

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