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Playoffs are in the bag!


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Latest from Real Football Services, an independant, unbiased frequent contributor to NYJets.com Here's their latest, this time on the Jets outside LB'ers, Didn't realize they were so good and deep at the position


Other articles from the unbiased source:



If an independant, unbiased source such as Real Football Services can make such an analytical balanced view of the team, Eric Mangini will bring an AFC East title to the Jets in his first year..

Kudos to Real Football Services.

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Chad Pennington: While critics have always accused Pennington of a lack of arm strength, he can make all the necessary throws and has great touch on the ball. He is extremely accurate, throws a very catchable pass, and hits receivers in stride, giving them a chance to make plays after the catch.

Yea, that's an unbiased and accurate article.:eek:

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If you include DB's and LB's, that number goes up 11 or 12 times.

Lies. Those DBs had to wait under those ducks as if they were fielding punts, that's hardly being "hit in stride." It's too bad he has all that "touch", or maybe those DBs would drop those passes.

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