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JETNATION Outing ~ Yankee Stadium

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I'd prefer a weeknight OR weekend, but if it's a weekday day game, I'm still in.

i was in a death metal band. people either loved us or they hated us...or they thought we were "okay"

-mitch hedberg

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1) how hard would it be to get group tix for one of the Sox/Yanks games in May?

2) how much fun would you all have seeing me get pelted with debris from Yankees Fans?


1) Impossible

2) Tons

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1). The Jets chances of winning the AFCE.

2). Number of mistakes Hermy makes on game days.

1) The chances of PatsFanTx not beating the same joke into the ground.

2) How many smilies we need here so Tx can keep hijacking threads!

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It would be sweet if you could score us tickets for a Saturday or Sunday game when the Yankees host the Mets.

Like June 25th, a Saturday afternoon game, or June 26th, a Sunday night ESPN game.

That would be awesome. I think it would be rough though. In about a week or two we should be able to post the date of this game!

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If this is on a weekend I could possibly go- one of the great memories I have about going to Yankee Stadium is actually seeing the Jets play Raiders in a exhibition game with my father.

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