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Hey, about two months or so ago, the New York Jets web site was running a special gift offer if you qualified for their credit card.

If you qualified they would ship you an iPod Nano absolutely free. I figured what the hell. It was only a 1G iPod, but that's all an old fart like me needs anyway. So, I get the card about a month ago and no mention of the iPod...no big deal since it was free anyway and the CC was neat with the Jets logo on it.

Today, guess what shows up in the mail! The Apple iPod Nano with no strings attached. In fact, they state that I will be able to redeem my accumulated points for music downloads for the iPod...don't know how much of a big deal that is...I thought it was a pretty good deal all and all though because it was free...what do you younger guys think? My son (22) wants me to give it to him because of the Jets logo that is laser printed on the back...I said, hell no, you already have one and it's 4GB's...can't win I tell you no matter how much you give your kids, they want more.

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