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Look at the rats fleeing the board !!!!!

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thats possibly the most homosexual quote I've read on this board in days

I wouldn't be surprised if Delgado was a roid user in the past.

Not that I care, but you base that on what?

Your desire to state that everything Yankee is good and evrything every other team is bad?

It does not take a very brave man to just throw out names and allegations without substance. Back it up, if you have it.

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statistical dropoff, pure speculation

other than Giambi and Sheff (who hasnt even played this summer), what Yankees have been busted for steroids?

2 of 27 players, big whoop, how am I being any different than he is?[/


You are being VERY different-The players mention ed are ADMITTED steroid users.

You are throwing names in teh air, to be spiteful.

STATISTICAL DECLINE????? The man is 34 years old. That is the age WHEN YOU ARE NOT ON STEROIDS that baseball players have statistcally declined.

For someone who seems to base so much on numbers and live by them, that was a pretty stupid and ignorant comment on your part.

So what, a couple of players on your team were admotted steroid users. And someone teases you on it and you take the bait, hook, lin e and sinker. Then, in a fitfull hissy fit, you decide to just throw a name out there that you have no basis to throw.

Just plain dumb.

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