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Varitek possibly headed to the DL

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Does anybody find it kind of odd that not one player on a major league roster has tested postive for steroids this year ?

MLB, Selig and the owners are the biggest rats in professional sports. I would not be suprised in the least if they are surpressing positve tests so they can keep their cash cow going.

They nabbed some small players early last year and then the bomb hit with Palmiero. MLB saw all the negative backlash the Palmiero incident brought and probably decided it is not worth taking another black eye for.

All you are seeing are minor leaguers getting busted which tells me two things.

1) Minor leaguers don't have the cash to get the undetectable steriods.

2) Positive tests are being supressed.

This whole investigation that is going on is really much ado about nothing, just something to appease us.

Nothing bad that happens in baseball suprises me anymore. There is so much money out there and everyone wants their no matter what the cost.

Maybe its a sad commentary on the game but like it would not suprise me in the least if Ortiz, Giambi, Beltran, Pudge or even Jeter tested postive.

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