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Chad Pennington - 300 Yards


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Chad will keep us in alot of games this year in here's why

1. arm strength is not and issue after week one

2. he is a very accurate passer, short and long

3. he is very intelligent and not prone to misreads

4. he is a 3 or 4 read QB, which means he can scan the entire field and go through progressions

ex: Vince Young is a 1 read QB, look then throw

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Chad in the opener: 21/27 - 342 yards - 3 TDs - 0 Int

You heard it here first. End of story.


August 3rd. I posted this on August 3rd. Why you guys would read any other source of Jets News is beyond me.

I called it!!! Chad is the MAN!!!


potw nom

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Wow, against the worst football team in the NFL.:eek:

The Bills are the worst team in the NFL. Besides that is your 2nd answer. Your first response was that it wouldn't happen.

Are the Pats a top 10 defense? Please let us know now. This way we can adjust the record accordingly when Chad beats them next week.

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i love it! i proudly walked into school today, wearing my jersey...amidst all the panthers fans that mocked and laughed at me last year when i still supported chad. While it may only be for one week, i have the last laugh!

now lets go take down that "top ten defense" in new england next week.... :)

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