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Caring For Kaitlyn


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Kaitlyn Hart is the niece of a good friend of mine. She is a beautiful two year old girl (soon to be three) that lives in NJ. Her parents along with her six year old brother and the rest of her family and friends all love her so much. Kaitlyn is sick, she suffers from a disease called MPS III.

This little girl has demonstrated so much courage in her two years. Kaitlyn's entire story and what they are all going through is explained in great detail on her website. (See link below).

Please click on the link and read about her. If you could find it in your heart to send a donation it would ease the financial burden on the family. They are going through a lot right now and any donation would help. I am sending them a check tonight.

If you can't make a donation please sign their guestbook and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank You!


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