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Thoughts on Yankees/White Sox Series


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living in DC i don't get to watch all that many yankee games but fortunately i had the chance to watch the past 3 with chi. after these games here my thoughts:

1. robinson cano is going to be a star in the league. he has one of the sweetest swings going and will likely add power as he matures. barring injury he should be an all-star for the next decade.

2. the white sox have an amazing linu-up. top to bottom these guys can hit, and they may have the best middle of the order in the game. each time through the order you hold your breath and hope they don't do too much damage.

3. yankees need clutch hitting to win. i know that is a cliche but with the addition of abreu the yankees seem to have runners on base in every inning and need to find a way to get them home.

4. jorge posada is much improved defensively this season with pena on the coaching staff. posada is at an age when he should be declining but i think this may be his best defensive season to date. his release to 2nd base is lightning quick and so much faster than last season.

5. a-rod - 1 word, unclutch. i really don't even know what his problem is but how he can be domininant 1 minute and woeful the next is beyond me. the difference b/w arod and jeter was never more apparent than game 1. right b/f dye had the game winning hit he fouled a ball off behind 3rd that arod made a poor effort at getting to. compare this with jeter going head first into the stands to catch a fould ball last year.

6. the white sox have some great arms in the bullpen. not necessarily the best pitchers but they have 3 or 4 real power arms and a future 15 game winner in mccarthy.

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Hey FO that is a real good call on the Posada - Pena connection. This is his best defensive year no doubt. And Catcher's usually decline at this time.

Now Bugg will tell us why he can't keep it up ala Curtis Martin.

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