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Exclusive JetNation - Jets\Tampa Photos


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Mr. sophisticated dickkotite drinks Coors Light? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

growing up, the silver bullet was our main beer. great for pong....

i would have preferred spatan optimator but since i only ran into my local bodega and i am on a diet i was looking for something light.

so there.

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well that was a good time. thor is a fun guy, not in a gay way but still fun.

Them beers and whatnot on an empty stomach got to me big time by halftime. i spilled beer right into this old dudes loafer. really embarrasing. I wanted to say"Hey man i know i look like a drug addict but really this kind of stuff NEVER happens to me" but i figured what would be the point

oh yea, LOTS of interesting tidbits were being discusse3d concerning maxman. I was shocked

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