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Detroit Tigers/Sesame Street Letter Of The Week

The Gun Of Bavaria

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The Detroit Tigers are pleased to announce that they have entered into an exclusive partnership with Sesame Street in bringing MLB fans everywhere the "Letter Of The Day". Wasting no time, the Detroit Tigers and Sesame Street are please to announce today's and as a matter of fact, this past week's letter of the day.

The Detroit Tigers/Sesame Street Letter of the Day is:


It can be used in a sentence as with the examples below"

He bobbles the ball, no throw, E-6 on Carlos Guillen

Wow, Another E-6 on Carlos Guillen

Ohhh, Inge throws wide and that will be E-5.

"E" can also be used to begin words like the following:



Erroneous Throw

:Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss: :Cuss:

Leyland needs to kick some ass in the clubhouse.

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