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HELP WANTED! Defensive Tackles need apply!

The Fat Man

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D-SLOB and the rest of the DT-Hee Haw Gang looked dreadful vs Bucs. I want to purchase WEED from Terry Bradways drug dealer because what this guy smoked on that draft day when he chose to trade 2 #1's....I would love to get a puff of that mary jane, chronic, reefer, ganja, blunt or whatever he was doing. Smoke em if ya got em Terry B!

We need to go with a 6-1 defense with guys like D-SLOB, who sludgingly gets his 1-2 tackles per game. This guy was compared to Warren Sapp in college and it seems more now than ever he couldn't comptete with the fleshy mole on the back of Warren Sapp's ass.

I would trade Chad "Plaster of Paris" Pennington and D-SLOB for a RB anyday!

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