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Another Reason to Not Watch FOX

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FOX NFL Sunday announces new host

It will still be JB, Terry, Howie and Jimmy on FOX NFL Sunday this fall. But plenty will change as the network's pregame show will sport a whole new look.

Joe Buck will become the first broadcaster to both host an NFL pregame show and handle play-by-play responsibilities simultaneously. ( / FOX Sports)

Joe Buck, a six-time Emmy Award winner, has been named as new host for the FOX NFL Sunday pregame show and postgame show The OT on doubleheader weekends.

It marks the first time in sports television history that a broadcaster will host an NFL pregame show while simultaneously handling play-by-play duties.

The announcement was made Monday by David Hill, chairman of the FOX Sports television group and executive producer for FOX Sports.

Buck joins Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Pam Oliver, insider Jay Glazer and comedian Frank Caliendo this season, beginning with the 2006 premiere on Sunday, September 10 at noon ET.

Buck will also continue as the network's lead NFL and MLB play-by-play voice with analysts Troy Aikman and Tim McCarver.

"We considered a number of superb candidates for this role, who each would have brought something special to the show, but once we thought about this fascinating scenario featuring Joe, we knew this was the right thing to do," Hill said.

"The success of FOX NFL Sunday has always been based on chemistry, and Joe, while still relatively young, has a maturity that belies his age and a clever, contemporary style that will add a fresh, exciting energy to the program. The only consistent thing about television is change, and I expect the interaction between Joe, Terry, Howie and Jimmy to give FOX NFL Sunday and The OT new and different dynamics."

Curt Menefee will host FOX NFL Sunday's halftime and postgame coverage.

Menefee is also set to host three pregame shows in October when Buck calls FOX Sports' coverage of Major League Baseball's postseason.

"Curt is a consummate pro whose smooth, affable style fits in perfectly with the FOX NFL Sunday team," Hill said.

Pregame show hits the road

Joe Buck will become the first broadcaster to both host an NFL pregame show and handle play-by-play responsibilities simultaneously. (FOX Sports)

FOX NFL Sunday, which has called Los Angeles, Calif. home for the past 12 seasons, will hit the road during most weekends this season in a state-of-the-art traveling set.

The FOX NFL Sunday road show opens in Jacksonville on Sept. 10 as Terrell Owens makes his Dallas Cowboys debut vs. the Jaguars.

The show will travel to Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field in Week 2 for a classic NFC East battle between the New York Giants and Eagles.

Then it's on to Seattle for Week 3 as the Giants visit the defending NFC champion Seahawks.

The rest of the 2006 FOX NFL Sunday road show schedule will be announced at a later date.

Meet the 2006 NFL on FOX team

Six-time Emmy-Award winning play-by-play announcer Joe Buck, newly enshrined Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman and reporter Pam Oliver return to the NFL on FOX's lead broadcast team for the fifth straight season, the announcement was made today by FOX Sports President Ed Goren.

Right behind them in the depth chart, together for the third consecutive season, are play-by-play man Dick Stockton, along with analyst Daryl Johnston and sideline analyst Tony Siragusa. Stockton and Johnston work have been together for six seasons, with Siragusa joining in 2004.

Changes to the NFL on FOX broadcast teams this season include veteran play-by-play announcer Curt Menefee's shift from games to FOX NFL SUNDAY, where he hosts halftime and postgame coverage. Newcomers to the NFL on FOX broadcast teams include former UCLA head coach Terry Donohue, who joins Ron Pitts, while play-by-play announcer Matt Vasgersian signs on for a full-season, teaming with former Kansas City Chief J.C. Pearson and reporter Jay Glazer.

Veteran announcer Sam Rosen has a new booth-mate in former USC Trojan and Chicago Bear Tim Ryan, and Kenny Albert and Brian Baldinger return this year, but are joined by the experienced Chris Myers on the sideline.

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I cannot stand Buck either. He was born on 3rd base and acts like he hit a triple. Love to know who in the Fox truck is whispering in his ear that he's funny.Still, netween familuy obligatsiona dn going to the game, cannot say I see the pregame often anyway.

But I made the mistake of putting ESPN on tonight. How much longer are they going to waste airtime on junkie Michael Irvin? He's high or drunk on air, he has nothing of substance to say, and he just yells at the top of his lungs.You can see everyone on the panel nervous as if he's going to drop an f bomb or just lose it on air. I'm not exaggerating at all-he's effed up, and the guy's eyes are shutting like he's been out past closing time and it's only 7PM. He belongs in rehab, or jail if he's driving to or from the studio.

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I thought Dennis Miller was a nice try. He was bright and funny. He might be a bit of a wisea$$, but he grew on you as an announcer. But I liked his act already, so I can see others might have felt otherwise.

But I don't see how Korneheirser works. 3 1/2 hours of football isn't 22 minutes of airtime of rapid fire changing topics. And he's not likeable, he's grating.

But again-how do they allow Irvin on the air? It's disgraceful.

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Great - another state the obvious foreskin. Only with an unwarranted ego and an unhealthy love for the Cardinals. You'd think there would be more people that could do that job well. How hard can it be?

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