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New Season, New Avatar


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Standing next to Max, doesn't everyone look younger?

max doesn't look old... td, on the other hand.... there is the guy to stand next to.. of course i am just going by pictures... havent met the guy... although i hope i have warning before hand... i need to be wearing my kevlar suit..!

is that a personal attack? if so....

never mind!


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Well, I already tried a big change last night so needless to say I think I'll stick with the old tried and true.

alk, wouldn't it be nice to change your sig. maybe a pats superbowl victory scene, or Father Tom Brady smiling at you with his new baby, or even Bill looking dapper in a suit and tie. any new sig would really be a nice change for the upcoming season. anything but will farrell mashing his teeth 60 times a minute. ;)

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