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I was in meetings all day. Can anyone recap this interview?

Versatility was the key word of the day.

Versatility with smart players; guys who can plug into different spots if that is needed.

Pennington has a very good work ethic; All the QBs have done some good things and bad things. Next couple of preseason games will determine starting QB.

Curtis is a unique wonderful person. He's still working hard and will come back when ready.

John Vilma is outstanding and a flexible guy.

DRob, Mangini likes what he's done so far and is exciting about him. We're going to move him around using different techniques.

18 guys will rotate around and will do whatever we have to do to win.

Our players are responding just as well as the Pats did on the Championship teams.

Open competition has been helpful and improves their versatility and improves communication.

The division: We are working on us and not worried about anybody else.

How's the media stuff been: I've enjoyed the media give and take. I was a PR guy intership.

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Coach talked about how important it is to have playrers who can move from spots.. go where is needed. He said that chad has an amazing work ethic and that he hasnt determined who will be the starting qb.. also that Vilma is a leader... Drob is doing a great job and is in good condition ( hear that, tx ;) )

He said that although curtis is not visible... that he is working really hard!

Vilma, Chad and Pete Kendall were also on ...i heard bits and pieces... nothing really new... there have been no fights ( so says #51) and the young guys are doing well ( so says #66) ...etc.. They all said that Coach is tough and you have to believe in what he is doing and if you do that... all is good.

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