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"Welcome Back, Koter - err, Derrick" Edition of POTW - August 16, 2006


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Welcome back to POTW, the post-est with the most-est, and welcome back to our versatile DB Derrick Strait! Thank goodness that slugg Suggs failed his physical because we really did not want to trade you. Really. Trust us. This week brings about the "regular season" of POTW - you know, the one's that count - so let's dive right in!

The nominations for this week were:

(Topic: HBO)

Originally Posted by Brenjetsfan

anyone catch that series...Lucky Louie?

I love that show...

Originally Posted by BwanaZulia

I watched the first episode.

If I wanted to look at middle aged average looking people having awkward sex, I would put a mirror in my bedroom.



Originally Posted by Herman Edwards

I may be the worlds worst head coach, but don't ever accuse me of overcooking ribs or anything. Look how fat and out of shape the Jets were last year. You think they got that way eating overcooked garbage!!!! Hell, Ty Law lost 11 pounds this offseason simply because he didn't get my BBQ.


(Topic: Not a popularity contest or nuthin but....)

Originally Posted by GreenBeans

I now have a list of people who will NEVER win POTW. Thanks.

(Nomination: "POTW Nomination. It is simple and brilliant." - PFSIKH)


Originally Posted by Jets28

GOB....Cleveland baby!!!

Alk...need them biscuits!!

TX...just to fight with!!

Garb...cause she's cool !!

Verde....cause she's the best!!..

SoFla, Van doug, Fred Jetstone cause he's funny...and Marko...:yahoo:

Originally Posted by Alk

That's a perfect list right there.

GOB will be in Cleveland

28 will be fighting with Tx.

That leaves Garb, Verde and myself. :cheers:


(Topic: Thursdays JET-BUC Tailate update!!!!!)

Originally Posted by Boozer76

You guys are tailgating on Thursday? That's cool. Still not sure why you wouldn't do it Friday, seeing as that is the day of the game. Sounds interesting though. I think I'll start going to the meadowlands on Saturdays and get my tailgating in early this year too.


Originally Posted by JetFanFL

Anyone catch this quote by Dave Hutchinson...Star Ledger

Found this in a blog of his...sounds like the media is getting ready to line up for a feeding frenzy.

"I see happening to Mangini what happened to Belichick in Cleveland. Belichick had an acrimonious relationship with the media there and as soon as he started losing, the media piled on with a vengence and ran him out of town.

If Mangini keeps this up, he should keep his bags packed."

Originally Posted by Boozer76

In the old days before internet forums and the likes, I could see how this bears some relevance. All you had were the papers and a few friends who also were diehard fans to talk to. there wasn't a whole lot of opinions or information coming from elsewhere. But today the fans are on forums like these, and quite frankly I get all my Jets news from here. The only time I see an article from any of those clowns anymore is when someone posts it here. even under Mangini's tight lipped regime, we still get alot more up to date info on the team than we did before these forums ever started and I'm content with that.

Mangini obviously knows what is to come from the media as the team loses games this year, and he obviously doesn't give a poop. Good for him. He's focused on the team and not pandering to the media. When the media doesn't know anything then neither do our opponents. All I need to see is what happens on gameday. whatever happens in between is irrelevant to me. If the guys playing on gameday play hard and win, then who really cares about the rest of it?


(Topic: Happy Birthday 845jets(AKA Mrs. Smizzy)

Originally Posted by Max

What was she holding the chain as you picked up trash on the highway?

That is sweet, a true love story. Hey Baby...me's gonna marry you. Back in line 943532356.


(Topic: WTF - where was BOlly?)

Originally Posted by Fred Jetstone

The other three cats needed the work.

Bolly is ahead of schedule so Mangini rewarded him with a rest.

That's what I think.


Originally Posted by G.O.B.

Detroit Tigers/Sesame Street Letter Of The Week

The Detroit Tigers are pleased to announce that they have entered into an exclusive partnership with Sesame Street in bringing MLB fans everywhere the "Letter Of The Day". Wasting no time, the Detroit Tigers and Sesame Street are please to announce today's and as a matter of fact, this past week's letter of the day.

The Detroit Tigers/Sesame Street Letter of the Day is:


It can be used in a sentence as with the examples below"

He bobbles the ball, no throw, E-6 on Carlos Guillen

Wow, Another E-6 on Carlos Guillen

Ohhh, Inge throws wide and that will be E-5.

"E" can also be used to begin words like the following:



Erroneous Throw

:Cuss: x 10

Leyland needs to kick some ass in the clubhouse.


Originally Posted by PatsFanTX


Did Sooth link you at JI?

Originally Posted by Max

I don't think they ever did.

I put a link up a long time ago when Jetman said we should do a link exchange. Pretty sure they never returned the favor.

Originally Posted by PatsFanTX

Now I remember, Sooth did link you.



Originally Posted by PatsFanTX

Get an outhouse.

They're not that bad.

Originally Posted by greengal

hey i didnt know you upgraded! you are moving up in the world, tx..!



(Topic: I HAD A DREAM.....)

Originally Posted by Max


Generally speaking...when you dream about Bollywood, how long do you wait the next morning before changing the sheets?



Originally Posted by PatsFanTX

Why would Colts fans cringe?

Manning has taken some of the most brutal hits over the last 6 years and has NEVER MISSED A START IN HIS NFL CAREER.

Originally Posted by BwanaZulia


That and a mint will freshen your breath.


Originally Posted by greengal

honestly bz.. from what i have heard, it will take more then a mint to freshen tx's mouth...

Originally Posted by Bob

I'm thinking a urinal cake might do the job.


(The Runner Up of the Week Sponsored by PatsFanTX)

Originally Posted by Boozer76

Well if this doesn't work then I'm going to try and post repeated one liners about Chad's noodle arm, DFat's bustometer, and Nugent's girlie leg and how we wasted a 2nd rounder on it.

Then if that doesn't work I'm going to get breast implants and change my avatar to obscure angled paintings of them in a tank top.

And lastly, if none of those work I'm going yto get said implants inflated even larger and party all day and night while going on about my infatuation with a certain past his prime lineman.

If none of the above work at all I will just kill myself. I can't live without validation from my JN peers.


Originally Posted by PatsFanTX

Disregard Husker's comments.

He either has just downed a 12-pack of MGD or just got done with having the time of his life with a close family member.

Originally Posted by KSJets

You two are related???


Originally Posted by joewilly

I wouldn't mind Theisman too much if he just wouldn't speak. He's an argumentive, opinionated know it all. I'll reserve judgement on Kornheiser for another broadcast or 2 but pity anyone who has to sit next to Theisman during a football game. I didn't mind Kornheiser too much when I actually paid attention to the commentators but maybe thats cause (paul mguire?) was such a jerk anyone would be an improvement.

whats with all these soccer moms on the sidelines? (noting the one on with al & Madden) trying to draw the footballs widows into it? I have no problem with the mrs bringing me a samwich or snacks, but I just don't need any input she may deem relevant to the actual games played, right southernjet?


(Topic: Suggs fails physical)

Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards

wow. interesting.

"Aw shucks, Derrick - we were just kidding. Welcome back."


Originally Posted by JonEJet

Guys i'd like to throw a few beers back with








dickie kotite




Southern Jet




LI Mike Bkeeds Green

Barton (he gets an O'Douls)



Originally Posted by Max

I have been telling Smizzy to look our for Cotch for years. I love being proven right.

Originally Posted by GreenMachine

It is hard for Smizzy to answer when your Cotch is on his face...


(Topic: Glass: Full or empty)

Originally Posted by johnny green balls

half full? BZ, you are an overflowing-spilling-onto-the-table-and-gushing-all-over-the-floor-that-would-take-40-oompa-loompas-with-a-squigee-in-each-hand-to-clean-up kind of fan.


Originally Posted by Jetcane

Sorry, Boss.

I'm going to have to spend less time watching the MILF's at TC.

Does this mean you are not going to approve the corporate account lunch bill for my meal with cubed?

BTW, did I mention that Suggs failed his physical?


The winning post this week, mostly because I spit a cup of coffee on my brand new keyboard at work this morning, is goes to Bob for this his post:

(Topic: New season, new nickname)

Originally Posted by Bob



Thank you for the laugh, Bob - just what this legume needed this morning in North Carolina. Thank you also for The Nation's continued support of POTW - this is your post, I just live in it. Back to work for this old bean - see you real soon



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WTF? Nothing against Bob but the worst paintshop job ever won POTW this week? Now that's called scraping the bottom of the barrel.

It's true. My art skills are nonexistant. Admit that my idea was funny, though, willya?

Thanks, Beans, and thank you everyone. I'm humbled by this honor.

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It's true. My art skills are nonexistant. Admit that my idea was funny, though, willya?

Thanks, Beans, and thank you everyone. I'm humbled by this honor.

Funny is funny - artist or not. :)

Greenbeans needs a vacation badly. Clearly his mind is not working at its maximum....not even close. If a vacation is not possible, think Ginkgo, Beans. Available at your nearest GNC shop. Go!

Garb - I need a lot more than ginkgo, ginko, or even just gin these days, my dear. Trust me.


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